Pakikibahagi with Dumagat Communities in Manggahan and Magata, Barangay Laiban

On January 15-17, 2015, Small Hands, with a group of volunteers organized an immersion trip to live and share experiences with the Dumagat communities in Barangay Laiban, Tanay, Rizal. There were 2 groups in the trip: one in Sitio Manggahan and another in Sitio Magata.


  1. Floyd Castro
  2. Olyn Castro
  3. Bong Dalisay
  4. Gerson Lacdao
  5. Sylwyn Sheen Alba
  6. Jhayr Canda
  7. Decdec Castro
  8. Noel Vincent Miguel
  9. Riza Regnim
  10. Jelaine Gan
  11. Jennica Gan
  12. Freddie Cardenas Jr
  13. John Juico
  14. Marrick Ancheta
  15. Jonah Gabriel
  16. Cheryl Cister
  17. James Sueno
  18. Danica Ann Rabago
  19. Jeruzel Seva
  20. Mac Seño
  21. Herico Gregorio
  22. Kate Jumawan

Harris Memorial College Partners:

  1. Ed Jocson
  2. Caroline Mutsago (GBGM missionary)
  3. Hollace Chai (GBGM missionary)

Photos by Gerson Lacdao, Bong Dalisay, Ylah Alba, and Hollace Chai