Living with Dumagat Tribe: Sitio Kinabuan

For our follow-up trip to the Dumagat Village of Sitio Kinabuan, we brought seeds and some tools to assist with the agricultural aspect of their lives. We also brought books and school supplies for the kids. We arrived on January 31, 2013 and stayed until February 2.

Members Present:

  • Floyd Castro
  • Ylah Alba
  • Jhayr Canda
  • Mirriam Anquilo
  • Gerson Lacdao
  • Jennica Gan
  • Jelaine Gan
  • Oliver Malimban
  • Roe Garrino
  • Aldrin Salvador


  • Rubilyn Litao
  • Olivia Oliveros
  • Eduard Jocson

Photos by Jhayr Canda and Gerson Lacdao